Dog Training That Works™ is a progressive and proactive training school, which provides the best instruction and most knowledgeable trainers in the city of Toronto. We offer a wide array of courses, seminars and downloadable training programs. Dog Training That Works™ specializes in teaching practical and applied obedience for the street, park and cottage. We currently have two exceptional indoor locations for our training classes. While many of our advanced and specialized training courses continue to be taught outdoors at various locations , which include city streets, public parks, and neighbourhood plazas. They are only offered from spring to fall.

All of our trainers, and many of our clients, actively compete in various canine sports and activities.  Our trainers use a variety of techniques to teach commands and extinguish unwanted behaviour. We are extremely knowledgeable in different types of training theory, practices and methodology.

While we offer services in behaviour modification, owners are encouraged to begin training as early as possible to avoid the most common problems that develop through lack of training or miscommunication.

Dog Training That Works™ offers several convenient ways to train your dog, and improve your skills as a trainer. Group sessions are available year round, in the evenings or on weekends. Private lessons can be booked at our one of training locations or at your home. Many commonly experienced behaviour issues can be easily fixed by downloading and applying our training programs. Please check our list of available tutorial programs.

A trained dog is taken everywhere, is always welcome,
and can enjoy the freedom of being off-leash!

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